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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Joepomp, Feb 17, 2003.

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    I am building a new HO layout. The idea is its basically an oval, the ends of the oval are below the table. I will be getting a North coast system any day now.:D I want to have the trains dissapear into the tunnels at each end then stop them for some pre determined time before sendig them out again. I was thinking of some kind of simple (pohto, prox, ect.) detector connected to a timer and a relay, and simple remove the power, then re apply it later. Does anyone think this will work? Of course the ultimate soulution will proabably be computer control.:eek: See the Ruff layout plan attached.

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    Hiya, and WELCOME to the Gauge.:) I'm no electronics wiz, but you can be assured that more than a few of our electrical gurus will pick this up and run with it.
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    Joe, A prox switch with a timer to interrupt power will be the simplest route. Make sure you put the prox switch far enough into the tunnel to avoid an EOT flashing at you for a few minutes while the timer winds down. You may also want to put a capcitor in the circuit to prevent sudden stops from derailing cars.

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