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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by bpersh, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. bpersh

    bpersh New Member

    I have just purchased a new cen ct4s. This is my first nitro car and as such I would appreciate the answer to a few questions.
    1. It says to fill the shocks with oil that is provided. Mine came with no oil. Did anyone elses not come with oil and does that mean it was already done at the factory.

    2. I know I need to put in after run oil. Where does this go and do I need to remove the air filter to do this.

    3. Anyone else who purchased this car are all the little bags of parts used or are some of them extra or replacement parts.

    4. How do I get the glow plug out to replace it if needed. The wrench provided does not fit over the glow plug.

    5. If I wanted to paint the body what is the best method.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps with the answers.
  2. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    ...i dnt know nuthin about em...but sum1 freekin answer them cuz i wanna know 2! lol
  3. bceberhart

    bceberhart New Member

    1 when i bought the ct4-s it also said to fill shocks. Mine came with oil in them.
    2. You do not need to put in after run oil. as i have not. but if you fell the need to do so then just buy some and the oild will tell you where u need to put it.
    3 alot of parts there are replacement. But check the book to make sure that all your parts are in place.
    4 you will need to buy you a glow plug puller. but if you have a socket set you should have the size to pull it. the wrench that is provided is for your tires
    5 painting the body is simple. buy you an unpainted body , wash it out with soap and water. paint it underneath or inside the body.

    if you are having anyother problems then email me at

    Hope this is good for you. Brian
  4. Nitro25

    Nitro25 New Member

    Hey man I was thinking about buying a CT4 S. But wanted to know if the radio that came with it is any good. Is it?
  5. bceberhart

    bceberhart New Member

    The controler that comes with it is ok if you are just going to do some parking lot racing with a few friends. its ok if you get into some small racing also. but if you plan to do some real racing i would suggest getting an electric controller.
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