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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by About Time, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. About Time

    About Time New Member

    Looking for a few track plans starting over 20 years out of hobby have a 4 ft by 10 ft table
    With a 4 ft by 5 ft L

    Any ideas will be modeling the walthers steel plant and a service area with a car shop and back shop with a transfer table.

    I plan on running a set of r17 subway cars on the lower level of the layout just under the main table top.

  2. NYNH&H

    NYNH&H Member

    Can you post some diagrams, and some specifics, and your premliminary track plan? Then we will have sometime to start brainstorming from! :D
  3. About Time

    About Time New Member

    Help with track plans

    I don't have a track plan as of yet

    I know i will have a 2 track main line with an interlock at both ends to access the team tracks and sidings a spurs to the steel mill which I already have a track plan from.
    I would like to bring bring one end of the main line up and over the other at one end I do have 4 bridges

    the main line will run around the outside of the layout the whole L pattern
    on the L end i will bring the spur up onto a second level that the coal yard will be and the steel mill.

    I stink at drawing up track plans but this one I know I need to draw up

  4. NYNH&H

    NYNH&H Member

    Ok, a few things you need to consider:

    A two track main only works well on a HUGE layout, with many operators, a powerful DCC system, and staging yards for 50+ car through trains. On a smaller layout, it will simply make the operation less fun, as two operators do not need to communicate with each other or with a dispatcher as to who is going to use which portion between passing sidings, or the whole main for that matter. Continuous running on two loops gets really BORING, and is just as good with one train on one track. because of the crossovers, it also increases the cose and tracklaying complexing a LOT.

    As for the bridges, watch the grades. I have a similar sized layout, two 4x8's in an "L" shape, and there is NO room for the track to go under itself. Also, if you are going to have continuous run, your only options are around the main layout, or around the whole L, which is what I did with mine. This also limits the second main a lot, just BARELY having 18" radius cruves. You should leave a few inches along the edge for scenery and for stuff to fall off the track (it happens). And as for the lower level, are you building open grid? Table top? How are you going to acheive this. This seems like a LOT more trouble than it is worth, and you may want to consider having them elevated in an urban area, although the steel plant is a very industrial, and thus it seems wrong to have subway cars running near it. You should throw together a track plan, with all of your current ideas so that we can give you some ideas. It can be hand drawn and scanned if you want. I certainly understand if you can't figure out how to do it on the computer, as I can't, and I am the dude who gets asked at least twice a week, "how do I fix my computer", as I am a computer enthusiast and power user. :D What type of track? What kind of operations? How many operators? DCC?
  5. About Time

    About Time New Member

    lay out help

    track is code 100 super flex

    mostly one operator but sometimes two

    still belive in the block system with signals

    I think my main will run the outter edge but I know the steel mill will be above the main and passing sidings on one end

    I will try to draw something tonight and post it

    Thanks for the advice :thumb:
  6. NYNH&H

    NYNH&H Member

    As for one thing being above another, again watch the grade, and the amount of space that you use up with the lead track to have a decent grade, versus the amount of space you save. Grades also make the construction much more complicated and sometimes expensive. On larger layouts, grades are fine, as you can have 50 or 100 feet, but it is tough on a smaller layout. Love the SuperFlex! It really is SuperFlexible!! Block system meaning DC? Signals? How? As for the outer edge, make sure you keep that 4", and know that the biggest radius you can have is 19.5". Mine are 19.5" and 4" on each side for those derailments. Those 4" sides have already saved like $100 worth of stuff from plumetting to the floor!!!! Once you draw it up, we can all give you some more advice.
  7. About Time

    About Time New Member

    Thanks for the advice

    I love controlling the interlockings and the trains path. I had built a switch board just like the ones the real block operaters use .

    I will be using push/pull switches and relays for all my routing of trains as each switch is thrown the signal for that spur or crossover with respond to the comand .

    I will be routing the main a little closer to the edge about 2 inches

    I hope to have something drawn up soon that looks good somewhat to scale

    The grade to the steel mill will be very slight I will be starting it from the far end of the layout and will have a reverse loop at the end and auto switching of power once engine clears pick sensors.
  8. NYNH&H

    NYNH&H Member

    So is that DC or DCC? If you don't have DCC, I highly recommend it. As for the edges, I would advise you to have the line 4" from the edge. You will know why I am saying this after a few derailments.

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