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    Ok, I need help. I'm currently tired of my old layout and looking for a new one. That's where you come in. Can someone draw one up for me. This is what I have to work with.

    First of all, it's N Scale Bachmann easy track so none of the tracks can "flex" to make it fit.
    Layout is 3' X 7'
    70 11 1/4" turns
    40 5" straits
    A ramp set that includes 8 pieces going up and 8 pieces going down
    A pier set that includes 8 tall piers to match the top two in the above set
    1 90 degree crossing
    1 right switch track

    That's about it
    Rules, I have two trains and counting the Locos, 1 has 14 cars and the other 1 has 13 cars. It can be two different tracks or one long one with a "yard" for the train not in use. I don't have any scenery, and don't plan on getting any anytime soon, so you have no obsticales to go around. Trains will only pass under piered tracks at the 8 mark, in other words, if you cross the track under #7 and #8, it will not pass. Not all peices have to be used, but I would like as much as possible. That's it, thanks.

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    aussie bumpy

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