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Discussion in 'Feedback & Support Forum' started by akasha2683, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. akasha2683

    akasha2683 New Member

    do you know if exist a model of femmale chest of iron woman?
  2. Chameleon

    Chameleon New Member

    I was searching the internet for the same thing for a freind of mine. No luck so far, but I did find a woman who made herself a set of Star Wars Stormtrooper armor that is very much feminine in design. And there is that pink Darth Vader out there... I say go for it! It wouldn;t be to difficult to modify an ironman outfit to fit better... and maybe the ARC reactor can be more of a belly-button thing than a chest piece. (just one idea)
  3. Chameleon

    Chameleon New Member

  4. Syrus54

    Syrus54 New Member

    I know from the IDEA of Ironman, that there are Female versions out there. Are you looking for a .PDF or .PDO so that you can make a suit yourself? or are you just curious as to photos of such suits?
  5. teknomancer2008

    teknomancer2008 New Member

    personally, i have never come across a female chest piece for an iron man suit, but i will say that all it would take it to re-angle the chest a bit or two to fit the bust area on a woman, a little trial and error with flimsy paper at first and you have a template for a solution. see what works for you.

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