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  1. stantonjtroy

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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to find plans or drawings for passenger coaches. Specifically the 50' Overland and the 36' Overton. I have basic (very) profile and side views but need more detailed drawings of the bottom top and interior. Scale is not a problem as I can rescale. Any help would be greatly appericiated.

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    Troy, I can't give you those specifically...but I can tell you where to get similar cars (White's American Railroad Passenger car, 1879 or 1888 Car Builders Dictionary, Pullman Palace Car Co, the Barney & Smith Car Co...etc...)

    While it is narrow gauge focused, this website has some useful information the construction techniques of the era...and plans of narrow gauge cars (which were merely scaled down standard gauge cars)...
    Rollingstock Website Homepage
  3. stantonjtroy

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    nkp, Thank you so much. Awsome site, good place for me to start.


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