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    Coat the track

    Hi Gang,

    I have a problem with using Wahl Clipper Oil on the rails...

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    Eventually, the oil is going to attract more gunk and dirt.

    Then you are going to have to clean everything again and again...

    Instead of oil, use a "2B" hardness sketching pencil or graphite stick to rub onto the rails.

    It is a semi-conductor that will give you good reliable electrical pick-up.

    As a fine dry lubricant it resists dirt and gunk from building up on the rials.

    It's not too slippery, so it doesn't effect traction.

    It fills in all the tiny/microscopic scratches in the rail so that dirt and gunk doesn't get stuck.

    It lasts a long time.

    Buy a six pack and hand them out to your friends!

    We've coated the rails on all of our layouts and the Whole Narrow Gauge Madness Gang has had reliable operations on our mini/micro/modules...

    A quick rub with a soft rag and another dash of graphite is all you need to maintain the rails.

    It's great on Brass and Steel rail to protect against oxidization and helps keep them clean....:thumb::thumb::thumb:

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    I'll give it a shot, i have a major cleaning of my sons layout due to basement construction coming up i'll give it a shot and report my experiences, thanks for the tip!!!!

    A thought, would this be considered "burnishing" the track?
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    Just a little Graphite....

    Rubbed on top and inside edges of the rails...

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