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  1. rapierdragon

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    Anyone good with doing the curved missile nose-cones so they can be printed and constructed?

    I need the unfolded patterns to do the yellow area of these two missiles.

    As you can see I know how to do the bulk of the missile-tube... I just suck at working out 3d curved/elipse thingies.

    If these are too small, feel free to double or trible the size (so long as the cones remain roughly to scale with those in the image). I should be able to then shrink or reverse-engineer the parts back down to the size I need.

    If its too big to post here, email the images to my email at

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  2. Dragos

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    Did you tried with Siatki ?
  3. cmags

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    I don't know much about design and its associated software, but I do have a good sense of 2D/3D space and unfolding, and can say that I've seen that type of shape done in two ways:

    The first is to use petals so they fold together into the shape you want. For example, the nacelle cones on the Enterprise (image borrowed from Enterpriserft):


    The second method is to simplify the shape into slices of cones of different angles, as with this Enterprise (my image):


    As you can see, this cone only required three parts and looks quite rounded. This is probably the easier way to go and still get decent results. The petals give you a much more realistic curve and would be better suited for larger cones.

    Hope that helps to at least give you a feel for a way to get there. The measuring and math is all up to you (if you're doing this by hand, which it looks like you are). Good luck!
  4. paperbeam

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    I have Siatki and I'll do it for you in a bit...


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  5. paperbeam

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  6. rapierdragon

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    thanks you so much for the quick reply and post

    While your curved-tube 4-piece method did provide smoother nose-cones, I ended up having to do the other tooth-type cones (first enterprise picture type rather than the second one).

    Mainly cause at the tiny scale I'm working at its easier to hold one piece with 6 cone-teeth than the thin rings. (The missiles in question are roughly 1/4" diameter... so as you can imagine, those rings end up shrinking down to be like 1/12" to 1/16" wide, making them hard to handle and even harder to tape).

    Those interested in the project can come over to the
    card-models / designers corner and look up the thread titled
    Getter Robo G - Starvengers ships (there be pictures already since I'm essentially down to the wings and wing-tip missiles left to design/build).

    or click this link:
  7. youngku

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    Nose cones

    To help with this, I created my own spreadsheet that can give you the outputs you desire based on the inputs you provide it. Basically, it consists of making several cones of decreasing slant angles and assembling them together. I call it my flattened cone formula. Since I can't upload an .xls file, email me with your email address and I will send it to you!


    Kurt Young

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