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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- International' started by AresAir, Feb 22, 2009.

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    Hi, All....

    The picture shown below was taken by a colleague (Mr. Carlos Fernandez) at IPMS-Phils Bert Anido Chapter... The photo was taken at the (Philippine's) MANILA RAIL TRANSIT line ..... Would anyone here, please, help me in the ID of the engine and, possibly, with a general arrangement drawing for a scratch-build project . . Thanks and best to all...


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    Being totally UN-familiar with Phillipine railways, but still open to looking like a complete IDIOT...that appears to be a piece of track maintenance equipment, though I can't see anything - wheels/trucks, etc. below the frame, nor couplers/buffers/ID plates or numbers/head-, marker-, or warning lights. By apparent size, it wouldn't have much power/tractive effort for pulling cars. I'll stand by MOW machinery !? Bob
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    Bob, I, from the outset, thought it was some kind of maintenance equipment (MOW).. thanks for confirming my suspicion...

    Cid, thanks for suggesting Jon.. I had posted the query...


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