Help: Sagging Wings - Fokker E.III

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by cts125, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. cts125

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    I am a newcomer to card models and after a few simple buildings I'm trying the Modele Kartonowe Fokker E.III. I'm really enjoying it...
    However, after I attached the wings they sag quite a bit...I used a small wooden dowel to go with the paper tube to shape the wing. I didn't think the dowel would cause the wings to sag. I thought maybe the rigging would 'pull' the wings back level, but the pylon is so small and weak it won't take the strain...

    So, my question is how do folks deal with bracing wings so they don't sag???

    Charles T.
  2. paper warrior

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    Shave down a dowel to make a new pylon, that shoud handle the stress of the wings.
  3. dfarrell

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    Or, you could make a new pylon by wraping the paper around a peice of wire.

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