Help! photo of Station @Port Dalhousie

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by interurban, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. interurban

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    Hello friends.

    The Niagara, St Catharines & Toronto (N S & T )
    ran into Port Dalhousie.on Lake Ontario. Started in the 1880`s
    untill late 50`s.
    Can anybody help we are looking for photographs. of the station
    hopefully with the NS&T sitting around the Station.

    We would be very greatfull if you have any, to e mail them to me .
    Chris. ;)
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Port Dalhousie

    have you got Panko and Bowen's books?
    There are 3 pictures that may be bits of the station you want:
    In NS&T Electric Railway in Pictures, page 38 and page 141.
    Page 17 has a picture of the line being torn up, with what might be the back side of the station.

    [One of the first traumatic experiences of my life was finding out that people would actually destroy a railway. I never got to ride the NS&T; due to illness, we missed the last day.]
  3. interurban

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    Hello David,
    Yes I do have that lovely Book #499 edition(found it on the ebay )
    But the pixs on pages mentioned only hint at the station.
    I noted what you said about never riding the NS&T, My friend Andy grew up in the area and rode it a lot, and it realy is a passion of his to find a picture if the station.
    So I thought there must be one out there somewhere, but as of now no luck.
    David are you now in Perth??
    Tell me more about the Perth Exeter R/W.Company
    and Esquesing & Chinguacousy RADIAL Railway?????
    (email is on the i.d.)
    Thanks again.

    Chris;) ;)
  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    The Perth & Exeter was named by my wife after the towns we grew up in (I was in Perth to age 12). Depending on my modelling interests, it may represent a line across southern Ontario (an extended version of the Ontario & Quebec), an major amalgamation of a number of British lines, or a small Scottish line with ambitions.
    The current layout runs from Exeter (Ste. Dayle's) to Perth (High Level) with a London branch at St. Mary Axe (pronounced Simmery Axe).
    The Esquesing & Chinguacousy Radial Railway is a proofreader's nightmare. It's an interurban line northwest of Toronto, named after townships in Peel and Halton counties.
    (I think the Perth and Exeter may have a cross-river connection with the Maberly and Tayside.)

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