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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Darwin, Jul 29, 2004.

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    Once again into the breach. :roll: Another project started. This one is a bigtime kitbash. The starting point is one of Marek's 72-scale A6M zeros, enlarged to 48 scale. The enlargement came out ok, but at 48 scale, the kit really needs some detail. I have a copy of the Maly Modelarz re-release of the Zero, and the details (engine, cockpit interior, and wheel wells) are acceptable, so Zap! goes the scanner and with suitable reduction, have a starting point for the build. However, the engine is a teeny bit stark, and my copy of the Squadron Zero monograph has a decent drawing of the engine details sitting in back of the cylinder banks. Fair enough....I think I can fake the carburetor, et al. The problem is....I have no references showing detail of the engine attachment and firewall. Does anyone out there happen to have some reference material that will shed some light on that aspect of the build? :?
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