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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by mom2thomasfan, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. mom2thomasfan

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    I have a 2 year old son that loves trains. I am planning on redecorating his bedroom and want to put train track around the walls as chair rail. I have looked a little bit at the different "sizes" of model track and think O is about the size I am wanting to use. I haven't measured his room, so I don't know how much track I will need, but was wondering if someone could recommend some good places to try and find the track. Since I will be attaching it to the wall, it doesn't need to be in working condition, it just needs to look good. TIA!
  2. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    I can not help you with where to get the track you want, I can only welcome you to the gauge, where you will find the answer to your question. your lad will just love his new room..have a good one..steve
  3. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Hi mom,

    Since you didn't register where you're from, we can't really suggest where to go out a buy it, but we can assume you have a hobby shop or train store in your community. If you're looking for used track, you can always go on eBay, and if you're prone to ordering on-line, there are literally a few hundred web stores that sell all scales of track.

    From what I'm gathering, you are really looking to run track flat around the wall as a decorating item rather than parallel to the floor so he can actually run trains on it. Why not give him both? Build a norrow shelf and mount the track on it normally. That should be fun for you all.
  4. mom2thomasfan

    mom2thomasfan New Member

    Don, I am in the Indianapolis area. I had originally thought about using a shelf to be able to actually run trains, but couldn't figure out how that would work given the window, closet door, and bedroom door would all create breaks in the track.

    The other thing is that since he is 2, he would spend all of nap-time and half the night playing with the track, even if I removed the train at those times.
  5. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Gee mom, what a spoil-sport. Take away the only hope a two-year old has of getting out of nap time and playing with trains...:D:D

    Anyway, I'd check your local phone book for hobby shops or train stores, or, there's a train swap meet in your area in about two weeks:

    Open House, Train Show and Sale
    Central Catholic School
    1155 East Cameron Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46107
    United States
    10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    Admission Fees
    Show sponsored by Naptown and White River Model Railroad Club

    For three bucks you probably will find someone there selling used track.
  6. mom2thomasfan

    mom2thomasfan New Member

    Thanks for the info Don! And for what it's worth, he still gets plenty of time to play with trains when he is awake! We spent the better part of the afternoon playing with the wooden Brio/Thomas train set that he has. Also, I think grandpa is going to get out one of the electric trains and set it up for Christmas. The little guy will absolutely love that!
  7. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    I would make a shelf track about 18" from the ceiling (just above the doors and windows) and run an O scale track. I know there is an O scale thomas set. it will be large enough for your son to see from his height, but high enough his curiosity won't lead to premature breakage. I'd let him watch the electric train, but play with the wooden train. When he gets a little older, you can get some O gauge track and set it up on the floor for him to play with.

    The experience I have, with myself and my nephews, is that HO scale or smaller is just a little too fragile for people under the age of 10.

  8. Chessie6459

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    Welcome Aboard The-Gauge mom2thomasfan.:wave: :wave: :wave:
  9. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    And when he gets tired of Thomas and Brio, there's Whittle Shortline, same track, but more like real trains. Don't be in a hurry to go to "electric trains", the hands on playthings develope imagination, and hand/eye coordination.
  10. GeorgeHO

    GeorgeHO Member

    I think that you used to be able to buy these Nylon things that you could stick on children's walls, sort of like wall paper. They had Lions and Tigers and Bears, (animals not sports teams), and I think railroad stuff. One of the things was track that you could use straight or curved to go around windows and doors. That was years ago (10, 20, 30 ???) but I would bet that someone still makes it. That would be a lot better than real track. Maybe Sears sold it years ago?

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