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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by muddin2deep, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. muddin2deep

    muddin2deep New Member

    ok i wanna buy like a 2wd nirto truck not like a monster truck but somehting like the Traxxas 1/10 Nitro Sport SE RTR W/Radio or something along those lines. Which is the best one to buy in the 250 to 300$ price range i was also looking at a 4wd buggy but i dunno what do you guys think you guys know more than i do!
    thanks for the help if i get any!
  2. alisar70

    alisar70 Member

    OK for the buggy i know someone Who is Just clearing stocl from his shop So this isnt second hand and then look up for nitro Then when the pages come up look For buggy 60mph nitro or somethink like that
  3. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    Do you want to race? Either way I would go with the Losi XXXNT or AE RC10GT, you can get either RTR. For a buggy I would go Ofna, many to choose from, what ever your wallet allows.
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