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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by alexbnfan, Jul 4, 2007.

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    I'm thinking of taking the jump to DCC, but, dont know which system to buy. I can get the NCE system for $265 AUD, or the Digitrax for $340 AUD.. I'm kinda stuck as to which system i should choose, I have heard good things about the NCE system, but, i like the look and feel of the Digitrax system, looking like a regular power pack.

    If it helps, my priorities are Sound, ease of programmability, ease of general use, consisting, and thats about it.

  2. MasonJar

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    The Digitrax system gets my vote. I assume you are talking about the Zephyr when you say it "look like a regular power pack". I don't know if the price is a good deal. In Canada, they can be had for under CAN$200, which according to this morning is about AUD$220. The higher level systems from Digitrax would be more.

    I have the Zephyr, and it can do all that you list quite easily. It may be limited in reaching all the functions of the very newest sound decoders (those with more than 12 functions) but that's about it. It can be expanded easily with any of Digitrax's other compoinents, including throttles, boosters, and so on. The loconet is easy to build/expand with regular telco supplies.

    The best advice is to try several if possible, and/or buy what others in your area are using. Take a look at the bottom of this page for similar threads - we've discussed this lots of times! There maybe some more info that helps your decision.

    Good luck!

  3. caellis

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    I bought Lenz 3 years ago for several reasons.

    One reason was I knew I would want a radio cab sooner or later.

    About a year ago I purchased the XPA cordless phone adapter.

    These work great!
    While it may seem amusing or strange to those that have not tried it, I use a cordless phone with my Lenz.
    The cordless phone has no range problems, the adapter may be hidden anywhere as the signal goes through walls, etc.
    I use the cordless phone more than my Lenz 90 or 100 cabs.
    The keys on the phone are assigned in a very logical manner and it easily goes from one loco to another by simply pressing the #, then the loco address followed by an *.
    Another great thing is the cost. The adapter cost about $60.00 and the cordless phone can be anything from $0.00 after rebates to maybe $25.00. This is a total cost of under $90. for a radio cab that works perfectly.

    The cordless phones are cheap, light clip to your pants, etc.

    I now have two cordless phone cabs. Total outlay for two radio cabs and adapters is under $135.00. Think it over!
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    Thanks for your help.
    I know people who use the Lenz system, but its too expensive, and really overkill for what i need.

    That price i gave you is the first one i got. I'll have a closer look when i go to Sydney sometime soon.

    Thanks for your help
  5. nhguy

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    NCE. Easy to use, very user friendly and you have all sound functions available with the Power Pro 5 amp system. Been using it since 1999 and haven't had a serious problem at all. In fact with each upgrade chip it gets easier. That's what I recommend.
  6. lester perry

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    How about MRC Prodigy? I have it and love it. It is very simple to use and set up. I have operating sessions and no complaints on DCC system. Only problem is traffic jams in operations, but that is not the DCC system that is dispatch.
  7. YmeBP

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    I went w/ Digitrax when I was choosing :). The folks on the board here helped me decide. I just recently took the plunge and bought a Locobuffer USB to connect my Digitrax to the computer, and boy what a rush. I didn't think I would be that excited about programming my decoders from my computer but it was far easier!!

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