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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by ct ertz, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. ct ertz

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    OK, we have a fund raising day for cub scouts coming up on May 16th. It is Heritage Days, and there will be many vendors as well as a parade through town and so on. We have a table/booth space are promoting Cub Scouts twilight camp and the theme is Pirates. My wife has asked that I get some card model kits put together to sell at our booth. Designing models is still beyond my skills. Would anyone sell me some kits with a pirate theme? Treasure chests, cannon, pirate ships, even a simple (relatively) sloop would be great. I could print out the models on card and package with instructions, and build a demo too. Also, a bit on the print out saying that this is a fund raiser for pack 1755 would be great, along with the designers info or web site of course. I will be paying for the kits myself, so please keep that in mind! So is there a designer out there who would like to pick up a few bucks and get his site/name out there and help out our scouts? I do realize that it is a lot to ask and rather short notice. I would be happy if I can sell any kits with a general historic theme as well for that matter. I have no idea how many I will need or how many will sell, but I want something besides beaded jewelry and baked goods this year. The ideal retail price at our table would be between $4 and $10.00 depending on the kit. That would have to cover the cost of the downloads, the printer ink and card stock, and enough left over for the scouts! I know, I am asking a lot. Any thought, ideas, or help?
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    And by the way, our scouts love doing paper models. I made the mistake of bringing some of my unfinished kits to a meeting, and they swarmed me!
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  4. cgutzmer

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    I would say because he wants to sell these to raise money for his troop :) These are for free distribution only. ;)
  5. MapleLeaf

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    Selling printing service?

    If he were selling the service of printing these items, making it clear where they came from and that they can be downloaded free, would that be OK?
  6. CK Styles

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    I would contact the designer for an ok before selling anything. You wouldn't want to upset anyone that is distributing their designs for free. That's my 2 cents.
  7. sr5nm

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    I think you would need to go a step further and state clearly that they are available for free download, giving the link to the author's webpage and not the direct link to the individual model.
  8. MapleLeaf

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    I am not trying to be argumentative here but by what principle would this be wrong?:-?

    If it was clearly stated where they came from,
    who created them,
    how they could be downloaded free
    and that you were just selling the printing service. How is that offensive?

    You could always have samples on display and download and print the pages on demand but I don't see the difference in that or having some preprinted.
  9. cgutzmer

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    The problem is they were designed as free models. Just because you print the model does not give you the right to make a profit off the designers creation.

    I can say that the vast majority of designers would have no problem but their permissions still be attained. If asked directly I bet many would even offer some of their paid models for free. Its good advertising to a new market segment :)

    I personally donated some models from my shop but I will be making sure the designers get paid out of my profits.

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