Help for my 10-year-old's first mountain?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Q-deck, Jul 13, 2004.

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    As I was a beginner myself, as we all were, I can testify that your first few attempts may result in a flop, especially if you have high expectations. But if you take it slow, easy and simple I think you will have better luck and be much happier with the result. Really hate to see you get frustrated as thats the oppositte of what I find in the hobby.

    I think the easiest of all methods, at least for beginning, is to forget mixing your own plaster/hydrocal and just get the plaster impregnated gauze, the Woodland Scenics stuff works great and adheres to jsut about any surface. Start with crumpled newspaper or wire mesh, cut your gauze into strips that are easy to manage (as short as you like), dredge in water and lay it over the wadded paper. Make a first coat and let it dry a little (doesn't take long) to get to the general idea of what you have and what areas need to be worked on. Then give it another coat or two with the gauze to completely cover over the paper (so it doesn't show through).

    You can also add another modeling material called "sculptamold". It has the texture of powdered plaster mixed with shredded cardboard and when you mix it with water it makes a thick, pliable plaster goup that you can build small crevices, gulleys and the like with. You can smooth it flat by just wetting your hand and running it over the top (same thing goes for that plaster gauze) as long as you be careful not to rub all the plaster off or make it too wet.

    Take the two materials (Woodland Scenics Plaster Gauze and Sculptamold) in a really small amount and just play with it. Once you have the hang of it you can build some really nice scenery in a cinch. Both are really easy to color. Either paint with acrylics and then spray on an india ink/water wash to give it texture (works really well usually) or mix up some spray bottles of diluted acrylics and just spray.

    I think this is the easiest to begin with - You don't have to mess with plaster mixes or anything like that.

    Please give it another try. :thumb:
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    I eas discussing the best way to model snow with my (sceene expert) and his advice was to mist wet the screen with water from an atomizor and dust builders plaster throu a tea strainer,(small, easy to control,) you can slowly build up the depth you want with extra layers. I hope this helps....have a good one....Steve

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