Help finding JU-87's??

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cjwalas, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Well, Santa arrived a little late, but made up for it!
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    EIGHT STUKA KITS!!!! Fascinating to see the different (or similar) approaches to the various forms. The two lower right GPM kits (1:33 D-3 and 1/24 B) are definitely the best rendered graphics;really nice. I suspect I'll save them till I've honed my skills a bit more.
    Timing was great. I just finished another Fiddler's Green JU-87 that I darkened (a bit too much!) just to see how it would compare;
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    I think I have my hobby time booked for the entire year (or more!).
    One question;
    While I was waiting for these kits to arrive, I did up a couple of old downloads I had printed out a long time ago;
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    Does anyone recognize these free downloads?? I've lost the info on them and I'd love to find them again. The blue (yes, blue) Stuka is 1/72. The alignment on the color was awful, but the kit went together surprisingly well. The smaller Trop one is.....???
    At any rate, a happy day indeed! Again, thanks to all who have helped set me on this course!!

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  2. shotgun219

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    I always love to see your stukas, Chris. Who makes the small camo one, looks very interesting.
  3. consistseeker

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    Excellent job on the Fiddlers Green one. Ecard models also sell the Marek Stukas.

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