Help finding JU-87's??

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cjwalas, Dec 28, 2006.

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    I've recently gotten back into paper model building and I've been building some old kits as well as ordering new ones. A favorite subject for me has been the Stuka and I've done the old Geli and the Wilhelmshavener (?) models as well as the Fiddler's Green one. I've just ordered the 1/33 GPM JU-87D, as well as the 1/24 GPM JU-87B and also another 1/33 JU-87B from a Polish maker I'm not familiar with.
    My question is simply what other paper models of the Stuka are there on the market at the moment? I seem to remember seeing a Trop version posted here at some point, but I'm having trouble finding it. I'm afraid my eyes aren't very good for for very small models, but I'd probably be interested in them anyway. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,
  2. Stev0

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    The G model is a good one to have... I think GPM has one if you can find an old kit. Nothing like forsaking a bombload for 2 Anti-Armor cannons.
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  4. cmdrted

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    Maly has a version which is a D with anti-tank cannons. There is the old Fly triple kit with a sturmovik and I-16 which was a B or close. There is a re-print of the Maly kit from USSR it has a black night scheme cover but the parts are splinter green like the Maly kit. The B you have is Marek's which is avaiable as a download and as before, in a Tropical like scheme. GPM has a few older kits in tropical and 2 others as well as the newer winter schemed' bird you have. There was a "freebie" download from Thomas Pleiner a few years back, obstensively a Naval C in @ 1/72 scale, which was very good for a small scale plane.
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    Thank you, gentlemen! I now have enough Stukas on order to keep me busy for years! I was able to find almost all of the out of print kits you mention. I have not ordered the Marek kits because I don't seem to be able to on the page I get!?! Is there some trick to ordering from Marek?
    Thanks again!
  6. shrike

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    Marek's kits are available in the US as downloads from DeWayne Barnett

    Paypal the money with your order in the Comments section and the proper links will be emailed to you. 110% satisfaction. Marek and Dewayne are both members here and Good Folks
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    Carl, as I'm not easily embarrassed, I will try to post photos of my feeble efforts!
  8. cjwalas

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    Carl, as I'm not easily embarrassed, I will try to post photos of my feeble efforts!
  9. therapy

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    Have You tried Marek´s Ju87?
  10. Rick Thomson

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    Fiddlers Green has one, never built it myself, but the one my nephew did turned out pretty nicely.
  11. cjwalas

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    I haven't ordered the Marek kits yet, because as I understand it, I have ordered hard copies already? I'm thinking that I'll take a look at these and decide if I want either "onhand" (probably) digitally.
    The Fiddler's Green Stuka is a nice kit. The smaller bombs are a bit of work in the weight paper they use, though.
    While I'm waiting for my eight new kits, I looked through my old printed out downloads of years ago and found three smaller models, which I've built in the last couple of days. Fun, but time for something a little more challenging..sure hope those kits show up soon!
  12. rowiac

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  13. cjwalas

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    I came across Zio Prudenzio's model as I scoured the web for Stukas. But there doesn't seem to be any way to get one? DeWayne doesn't seem to have them and they're not available on Zio Prudenzio's site, at least not that I can spot. Any help in tracking down this and other downloads (like Trotskiy's!) would be much appreciated. I think I've done a good hunt online, but I may have missed something. Thanks, everyone for all the help! I'm really getting into this now and really looking forward to more Stukas!
  14. paper warrior

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    Trotskiyhas one but it isn't available yet.
  15. DeWayne

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    Greetings and Happy New Year,

    The Stukas of Zios are done in his usual beautiful detail but in the 1:72-scale he preferred and have no instructions. These were in the process of being upgraded along with many other works when he took ill. They will be released again but only after I get time to do a photo build to use as a construction guide.

    Mareks Stukas are excellent models but are suggested for builders with some experience. Most of his models are intended for folks that have become comfortable with the basics of card modeling and are looking for something a bit more challenging. While not the most difficult on the market by wide margin they are frustrating if you have limited experience.

    Drop me an email if you have more questions.

  16. damraska

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    Though others have covered this topic well, I can offer some further information on 1:33 scale Ju 87s.

    The GPM Ju 87D-3 is the best Stuka kit currently available, by far. It builds up without any major issues and features the best detail and coloring effort to date. I believe one of the Polish model magazines offers an engine upgrade for this kit, though I do not own it. I built one up here:

    Marek's two Ju 87B-2s are identical save for the paint scheme. Both look nice and build up without any major issues. I prefer the digital versions offered by DeWayne Barnett as they allow reprinting and recoloring. If I did it again, I would replace the wheel boots with recolored copies from GPM 213. I built up the tropical version here (sorry for the small pictures; old review):

    I built up the ETO version here (Again, my apologies as this is a really old review and needs updating. Note that my printer did not accurately reproduce the colors, but that was a problem at my end.):

    GPM Number 8 was just too primitive for my current taste.

    In terms of detail and engineering, TPN's G model Stuka looks on par with Marek's offerings. However, the coloration is washed out and the splinter scheme colors are, in my opinion, incorrect.

  17. cjwalas

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    Thanks for the reviews and info!! Great stuff that will come in very handy indeed. Much appreciated, exactly the kind of info I need. I hope my models come out half as nice as yours!
    Thanks again,
  18. Tad

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    you've already mentioned about Ju-87 G2 from Maly Modelarz - it's worthy to be interested in model, hovewer has very bad paper, some incorectness and lack of some parts... But is quite cheap and has fine camo.:


  19. cjwalas

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    Thanks Tad! Very nice work. I have one of these on the way, but this is the first photo I've seen of the finished model! I look forward to trying my hand at this one!
  20. sakrison

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    I agree. This was one of the first paper model aircraft kits I built (after a few Fiddler's Green kits). I enjoyed building it, it was a good learning experience, and it still looks good to me after a few years of more advanced efforts. The kit also includes a Natter and "Fi-103R Reichenberg"--a piloted (!!) version of the V-1 Buzz Bomb. I didn't build those two and have since lost them. Too bad.

    No worries,

    A bit of Fi-103R trivia from
    "The Fi 103R was to be carried by a parent aircraft and released near the target. Then the pilot would take over and direct the bomb into a dive towards the target. The pilot was to detach the canopy and bale out just before impact. The canopy, however, would almost certainly block the pulsejet inlet and reduce the chance of pilot survival to almost zero. Nevertheless, the Germans went to great lengths to distinguish their Selbstopfermänner (self-sacrifice men) from the Japanese Kamikaze pilots, whose cockpits were sealed closed before take-off. . . The project never took off, due to the Germany high command's apathy, even though some 70 pilots volunteered for training."

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