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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Iles, Oct 25, 2006.

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    I would go with Iron Horse on the MP15DC I own two from Atlas in CSX with sound but no DCC. I am very pleased with them. A bit pricey but they are well worth every penny.
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    There was an article in RMC a few years about bashing one N scale.

    Here are more photos:

    Basically very simple — take an SW1200 and graft the back corner off a GP9 onto the front of teh switcher. It would give yor a place to put a speaker, too. Tony's has a very compact decoder for the P2K switchers.

    Scott Fraser
  3. hd8091

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    I vote for the Alcos from Trainworld.
    A geat deal for 29.99 ...
    I think I have five and they all run great.
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    If you REALLY want to get a funky little shop switcher, Stockton California's RIP track uses a Caterpilar front end loader and pushes/pulls the cars with the bucket. The switch crews drop off the Bad Order cars at the East end of the facility and then the car department uses the front end loader to pull the cars into the shop after bleeding off the brakes. I have never seen a switcher in the shop, they always use the bucket loader.

    My vote though would be for a simple, inexpensive Athearn SW1500 due to the sporadic use.
  5. kitsune

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    Um just a small correction. While I don't know of EMD model 40s still in use, Alco models of all types, as well as GE switchers are still quite common. You'd be surprised by the vintage and the range of oddball engines that still exist in industrial service!

    My advice:
    Anything Atlas
    MDC EMD Model 40
    Anything Kato

    All of these run great. As far as critters go, tho, that EMD model is just plain awesome. I was highly impressed that anything that compact could run that smooth.

    Regarding the Botchman models, while they look nice, they don't run so great. Plus they have issues tracking, especially in turnout frogs. I'd stay away from them.
  6. ocalicreek

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  7. Want to confuse everyone? Get a calf unit from an SW cow-calf set and run it as a remote-controlled "zombie" operated by someone on the ground with a control panel like a radio-controlled plane rig. (or he/she can stand on one end). Just a variant on an old Booster F unit.
    There are models of trackmobiles but the ones that work passably are expensive when you can find them.
    You might pick up one of the Stewart Baldwin switchers... definitely not small but unusual ... and a lot of places picked up old locs at virtually scrap prices and kept them ticking over forever... sometimes re-engined them with something else off the scrap line creating their own "heffalump" with all sorts of odd bulges.

    Try this US steel EMD re-engined beast with a lid on...
    OR... if you can find a brass Alco and wire two smoke units together get an Alco...

    This page shows an EMD rbuilt Alco...
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    Iles,First there is NO active Model 40s in industrial or short line use from my research..EMD only made 11.
    There are several GE 44 and 70 tonners still in service so you may want to consider those units..Of course a EMD Switcher will work as well as a Alco switcher..There are several Alcos still in service..You may want to consider a Baldwin or FM switcher as well.
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    I have a few Broadway Limited SW7's 1 with sound and 2 without, great runners and cheap.

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    I suppose the Model 40 at Travel Town isn't really in industrial or short line use...but as far as I know it IS still in service and used regularly at their museum to shift around their equipment including other locos and passenger cars. Perhaps someone who volunteers there can chime in as to its status.

    Don't let this stop you from using whatever you want to use! Go for it!

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    There are certainly Baldwin switchers still in industrial use, but I don't know if there are any FMs. There certainly are some very old engines in use, like a couple Alco HH600s (!)

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