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    MORRO UA New Member

    Hello , i want now , help me please :
    - how many trakc on sub in Toronto and all Ontario , where two trakcs rail ?
    - what the future locomotivs will use for Quebec - Windsor corridor , for north Ontario and for GO , and what about JetTrain ???
    - where situated deports VIA Rail ?

    Sorry for my english !
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Hi Morro, and welcome.
    As far as I know, the only multiple track lines in Toronto area is the (CNR) line along Lake Ontario from Hamilton to Montreal; there may be single track sections on that. All the other lines are single track with passing sidings. I thinbk the CNR Toronto bypass is mostly double track. A lot of double on the CPR line to Milton and Galt.
    Don't know about future locomotives. Jettrain will come after there is peace in the middle east.
    Main VIA depot is located in downtown Toronto, at Union on the subway line. There is a stop in the east at Agincourt; only other stops in Toronto are for the GO (commuter) trains.

    MORRO UA New Member

    What is the last build locomotiv for fraight and pass railway ?
    What after Genesis ?

    MORRO UA New Member

    About Toronto Yard(CP) - Havelock line . what's the main cargo and how many trains per day on this line ?
    thank you !!!
  5. Rambler

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    CP In Toronto...

    Hi Morro. I'm a conductor for CP in Toronto and figured I could help you out. The east/west track is double/triple track from Scarboro to Missisauga. The north (Mactier Sub) is double track from Osler to Emery.

    In regards to the Havelock, 95% of the freight is Nephaline Selinite. It's a rare rock that is crushed to a fine powder to be used in fine china, paint and glass as well as most porceline. There's the mine job that runs to and from the mine which is north of Havelock on Mon/Wed/ and Friday. You can usually see us switching it out in the yard from 9am to appox 1030. On Sun/Tues/Thur/ and Saturday is the runner train which takes it from Havelock to Toronto, and comes back with the empties. Sometimes there are setoffs and lifts in Peterborough.

    Hope this helps you out.
  6. railwaybob

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    CP Rail is double-tracked from Montreal to Smiths Falls (Winchester sub) where it reduces to a single-track on the Belleville sub (Smiths Falls to Toronto) and another single-track on the Chalk River sub (Smiths Falls to Cartier?)

    Most recent locomotives used by CP Rail are the new General Electric ES44ACs and their predecessor GE AC4400s. You still see a fair number of SD40s on the line. CP still uses GP38s and GP9s for switching although the GP9s are getting quite rare now. The SD40s are slowly moving into switcher duty. I've even seen a couple of AC4400s used for switching, although this is usually a loco that is being held over for only a day or two. Quite a difference when an AC4400 is assigned to switching when compared to a couple of GP38/GP9 combinations. The GP38/GP9 combination struggles just to get a string of loaded cars moving. The AC4400 or the SD40 simply walks away with the string of freight cars.

    If you are interested in the trackage, you might want to buy the Canadian Trackside Guide available from the Bytown Railway Society. It lists all subs, sidings, and mileages, in addition to the roster of locos, passenger cars, and MofW equipment.

    Bob M.
    VIA uses EMD F40PHs (the older locos) and the newer GE Genesis units.

    MORRO UA New Member

    thank you very much

    about electryfication , why Toronto font havr electric egion train , but Montreal have ???
  8. Triplex

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    SD40-2s. CP retired all their SD40s by 1999.
    As far as I know, the Genesis is the newest passenger diesel.
  9. 60103

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    Montreal is electrified because of mont real (mount royal) around which the city is built. The CN northbound lines runs in a tunnel for 3.1 miles from Gare Central Station. This was only possible in steam days because of the electrics. Toronto doesn't have any noticeable tunnels. Only the one line is electrified.
  10. MORRO UA

    MORRO UA New Member

    very intiresting . thank's
  11. MORRO UA

    MORRO UA New Member

    Hello !!!

    What's the sense in same railroad , what's the cargo main in this railroad or what's the plant there ?:
    GEXR to Goderich,
    OBRY to Orangville,
    BCRY to Collinwood,
    YDHR to Blackwater,
    CP to Blue Mauntain.

  12. MORRO UA

    MORRO UA New Member

    Hello !!!
    About the railway in Ontario near Toronto.
    What the sence of the same small railroad, what's plants use this railroad, what's the main cargo on this railrroad ???
    for railway and lines:
    GEXR to Goderich,to Centralia.
    OBRY to Orangville.
    BCRY to Barry, to Collingwood.
    YDHR to Blackwater.
    CPR to Haveloc, to Blue Mountihe.
  13. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    GEXR's original main customer was the salt mines under the lake in Goderich. The line runs through farm country. The other part of the line connects London to Toronto, running through the smaller cities of Stratford, Kitchener and Guelph. London has much industry, the best known being the ElectroMotive Locomotive plant. Stratford produces Shakespeare; Kitchener has car part plants; Guelph various small manufacturing.
    OBRY serves a chemical plant in Orangeville (I think). Trains are usually just a few cars behind their one loco.
  14. Rambler

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    Blue Mountain and Nephton are two mines owned by Unimin twenty and sixteen miles north of Havelock respectively which mine a rock called Nepheline Selinite for use in porcelins, paint, fine china and glass. Hope this helps you out.
  15. MasonJar

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    OBRY also runs the excursion train "Credit Valley Explorer".

    The OBRY and BCRY are owned by the same outfit, and there is quite a bit of info on their website They also run the Central Manitoba (CEMR) and Athabasca Northern (ANYRR).


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