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  1. lmagna

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    I joined a number of years ago but have never posted until now as my preference is to look and admire for the most part.
    I just wanted to say that when I have stopped by now and then over the years that I never have any trouble finding well done and interesting subjects and posts to enjoy and admire.
    I live in the Pacific Northwest, (North of Seattle) and to be honest my modeling endeavors have been a bit sporadic due to life issues over the last few years so I wanted to take this opportunity to collectively thank the people who post their work so people lurking in the shadows like me can live vicariously through their work.

    Louis Magnabosco
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  2. zathros

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    Thanks for coming out of the shadows. I always felt someone was watching! Please, feel free to post your works, regardless of what they are made of. :)

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