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  1. Bogend

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    Hello everybody I live in the Uk and my primary interest in to making models for gaming. I play mainly Sci Fi gaming but have a go at anything. I have been making my own terrain for years and am looking forward to trying some of the models on here are either gaming pieces or for terrain. If I ever get around to making anything decent I will post some pictures.

  2. Rogerio Silva

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    Welcome, Colin!

    This is a great place for hobbies, I'd say this is THE place. You should always be your harshest critic, but don't go too hard on yourself... Been there, done that, but I was "rescued" by a GREAT friend right here in ZEALOT.
    Don't be affraid to start, nor to make mistakes, after all, do you know any living perfect (in all aspects) person? A great journey begins with a single step.
    ZEALOT is special because WE (that includes YOU) make it so.

  3. zathros

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    Welcome to the forum. We have a member named Tirick who has an interesting concept for terrain. Post anything you have, we are our own worse critics. :)

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