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    Hi, my name is Brian and I just joined. I've always had a thing for papercraft and oragami. I'm looking forward to seeing the projects everyone else is working on, and get some new ideas for projects.
  2. brivette007

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    Forgot to mention the models I have done.

    Back when I was in grade school, I made a miniature parade float with an amusement park theme. It had a roller coaster with a car on the track running around the parimeter, with a water fountain in the middle. It was mostly card stock, but I also used tissue paper, popsicle sticks, and some styrofoam.

    I've also made a miniature R2-D2, inspired my ones I've seen around the net years ago.

    Some of my quick ones were of cars like a Delorean and a Jeep. I used autocad to create the designs. These weren't the most detailed models, but were fun to do.

    My latest project is a pirate ship inspired candy dish. But I haven't worked on that in quite a while.

    Unfortunately some of my older models are no longer in my possesion, as I gifted them. I may have to dig out my old plans and remake them.
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    :welcome1: to the forum brivette, post some pics of models you have left, unless you gave them all away, then of course, it's time to make more! Welcome aboard!! :)

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