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  1. sirrob01

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    Signed up a while back but didn't have the time back then to build any paper models, plus storage is/was a bit of an issue.

    I've had some time to build since about mid last year but totally forgot about zealot forum until someone posted a link to it on one of the other forums I frequent and I remembered..now I see all the nice builds I've missed wall1

    I've designed a few of my own models but their not at the hyper detail zealot level more the it's reasonably quick to build and use for wargamming.

    have the forum in my forum load list now so I wont lose it again :)
  2. corduroy

    corduroy New Member

    hiya sirrob01,
    hey do you design your models on a PC first .. or sort of do it using 'hard copy'?
  3. sirrob01

    sirrob01 New Member

    mostly PC,

    For 3d stuff I use sketchup for the 3d mesh, pepakura for the unfolding and Gimp for texturing.

    For 2D flats pen and paper, inkscape, Gimp for layout.

    But I'm no expert :) I've spent the last few days reading over the forum boards and I picked up some really good tips from this board:


    I have done the odd geometric shape and addition to others work by hand

  4. corduroy

    corduroy New Member

    ta sirrob01, actually I've just spent the last hour or so looking at the info in your link.

    I'd never heard of pepakura before.. so must look into that.. I expect the unfolding is quite an art on it's own.

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