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  1. MilesLinnabery

    MilesLinnabery Miles Linnabery

    Dear Modelers:
    I have joined because you have 1;32 or so gas cans. I am doing a 1:32 scale AEC Dorchester and I want to add stuff to the base model. I hope that I got the pictures to upload OK:confused:. I hope to tun this into a diaroma over time I have some 25year old german military minatures that I painted in another life.
    Miles Linnabery

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  2. Padre

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    Welcome, good looking builds there.
  3. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Welcome. Nice work. You'll find more than gas cans if you look around - enjoy yourself.

  4. MilesLinnabery

    MilesLinnabery Miles Linnabery


    Dear List:
    Thanks I found Jim Nuns Gas Cans looks that is the right scale hope my fingers will work that small
    Miles Linnabery
  5. MilesLinnabery

    MilesLinnabery Miles Linnabery

    AEC Dorchester

    Dear List Folks:
    I have downloaded the 1:25 Scale dorchester from the other Thread and given it to my freind with a color 11x17 copier to blow up I want bigsign1 I am attaching an image of the inteir of the dorchester. it shure would be nice if someone could make a card model to go inside of the 1:25 scale dorchester. With all the doors and Hatches open I think one could see most of the interier.

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