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  1. reklein

    reklein Member

    Hello folks, I'm new to this forum, I discovered it on Model ShipWright forum. I'm always looking for information exchange on modeling of any type. Currently I'm interested in card ship and plane modeling,just one more peice,then I'll go in for dinner:mrgreen:. However I build in all media. My other interests include but are not limited to HO trains, Planes of all scales including R/C. And ships in all scales ,and Media. I also enjoy woodworking and woodturning. I'm a little over 62 and am retired. I'm looking forward to visiting with you all. Oh, btw my current builds are Bluejackets,Constitution and a 1/200 card model of the Arizona.
  2. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Hi, reklein, welcome to the forums. :wave:

    I'm of similar age and modelling interests.

    You've just found the home of a very cheery bunch of folks.
    I expect you'll get more welcomes soon, it's just a matter of giving your post some attention with a swift -

    B U M P sign1

  3. Hank45

    Hank45 New Member

    Hello from Hank45. Sorry I have not sent any messages. I have been laid up with severe gout in my hands and feet. So modeling is put on hold for awhile. I will keep in touch. Hank
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