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  1. davel1950

    davel1950 New Member

    Hi names Dave
    I am 54 and quite new to card modeling. I started with a free download from digitalnavy, enjoyed it so bought a couple of models from JRC HMS Suffolk. and HMS Invincable,Suffolk came out well but I am only half way through Invince and not enjoying it as much so have put it away for now.I downloaded the NIPPON MURO from the CANNON website and am really pleased with the result.
    bigest problem is I keep ruining the model when I try to touch up the joints and cut ends. I tried watercoilers oil felt tips and it just is not right ,the more I try the worse it gets
    anyway thats enough for my first post I think
  2. David H

    David H Member

    Hi Dave,

    I use, in order of preference and depending on when I remember to edge colour:

    1. Acrylic paints, a low cost set from the hobby or bargain store. They come in little pots. You can use them neat or mix with a little water.

    2. Water colour pencils (they belong to the wife, cost a bomb and are hidden in the 4th drawer down...).

    3. Water colours

    4. A black and a grey sharpie (but the wife and child "borrow" them...)

    5. Anything else that comes to hand!

    Less is more.

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