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  1. Appick

    Appick New Member

    Hello, First ever post on a forum (I'm going to get all emotional).
    I live in The South of France and love toys (having a 5 year old son helps!!!) I started off buying figurines (Marvel Legends, Myth Cloths ...) and started hunting around for things, to make them more "alive". I discovered papercraft this month in a French magazine. I've already picked up alot of tips and things form your forum. I'm nearly finished wtih a Saint-Seiya Zodiac Clock Tower
    from a French site.
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Bonjour! Bienvenue a notre site!

    Where abouts in southern France do you live? We plan on taking our summer vacation to Marseilles. That is where my wife is from and we visit family :) Typically we come in August because thats when they are on vacation.

    How about some pics of your builds? :)
  3. Appick

    Appick New Member

    I live in Antibes and I work in Cannes, not far (my mum's from there, but my dad's from Bolton in England).

    I don't feel ready to show my builds, yet :oops: - mainly because I haven't got a digital camera, yet :curse:, but as soon as they all come together, I will.

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