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  1. scott mckie

    scott mckie New Member

    My name is Scott McKie and I am very pleased to find the Zealot site. I am a 63 year old disabled person that loves to build models. I use cardstock models for the basis of building larger scale Depron Foam Radio Control Aircraft. They work beautifully.
    I intend to use this site to the fullest.
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Excellent! We have a couple in these parts that mix up the card and the R/C what have you done so far? Would love to see some examples :)
  3. scott mckie

    scott mckie New Member

    Hi Chris,
    I am one of the original three individuals that were responsible for bringing Depron into the US market in large amounts as being an original member of DepronUSA. I and another partner set up Gamma Star Models for a short time and marketed cutting edge flat pattern 3D design kits until we no longer could go up against the deluge of shoddy, cheap Depron kits from the Far East flooding the market by the big hobby houses.
    For the last couple of years I have been taking what I learned from the 3D models I marketed in developing a 40" w.s. true scale model of the F7F Tigercat with true compound curves. It is designed so that it can be expanded up to a giant scale 80" w.s model -- with no changes other than possibly increasing the the thickness of Depron used where necessary for strength.
    It is a true monocoque design with the following being operational: scale ailerons, scale elevator, scale rudder, scale landing gear retracts with doors and scale wheel wells, scale tailhook, and sliding canopy. Other than the aircraft's 2mm Depron skin, it is made up of pieces of 3mm Depron that are held together by an interference tab and slot sytem without anything being glued together yet. It has held together that way for over a year. The tab and slot system works extremely well.
    I have, however, been sick for the last two years and have not been able to work on it. I am getting better to the extent that I will be able to work on it this spring, and as soon as I can I will post pictures if you would like. I will have to get a digital camera and learn how to use it in order to do that, so it will be a bit.
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