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  1. Tiny_UK

    Tiny_UK New Member

    Hi, Gang

    Just a few words to introduce myself. (hope I have done this right???)

    My name is Paul and I reside in the UK. I am fanatical about all things N Scale. BUT, only US Railroads.

    I am disabled and have limited use of my hands, so everything takes me longer than most. Fortunately, my 13 year old daughter is also interested in RR'ds and is my trusted right hand.

    A I on a fixed income, everything I try to do is done on the cheap; so amy help and info is always greatly ppreciated.

    Anyway, won't bore you anymore, hope to hear from you all soon.

    God bless.
  2. Tiny_UK

    Tiny_UK New Member

    Right back at ya.

    Hi, Charlie

    Thanks for the welcom, you are the first.

    I was actually born in England, but have lived in Soth West Wales for the last 10 years.middle of nowhere, actually. Just managed to get a 1 MB connection. Great mountains and hills here, just great for getting away and thinking. HO, scale is a great scale to model in. I chose N as the limited space I have available. As I mentioned in my 'Hi' posting, being on a fixed income makes one have loads of 'wish lists'.
    I am primarily looking for plans of buildings and structures, but everyone seems to be charging a small fortune for them.

    I can always resize any plan to N Scale, just takes me a bit longer, is all.

    Anyway, I won't waffle, as we say over here.

    Hopefully, will speak agin soon.

    Take care.

  3. Tiny_UK

    Tiny_UK New Member


    Hi, Charlie.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line.

    Your relatives, if they were/are in the pottery business, probably hailed from Staffordshire. Staffordshire has long been associated with various potts, etc. In fact, the county is known as 'The Potteries'. Just another useless fact....lol

    Before my disability got too bad, I managed to get over to the States, and top of my list was...you guessed it, Railroads. My friend took me to quite a few, even the big model layout that covers 3 floors. But cannot remember where it is.

    Also went to 'Amish' country, and there was a railroad there, I think they were just pleasure rides. The steam loco was, I believe, a Canadian. Massive thing it was too.

    My biggest memory of the place was an Amish woman came to the place, and did peoples washing by hand, and hung it out on the platform. I don't think it was too far from Gettysburg; also Civil War history buff....

    Well, it's now noon, and I am off to take my meds, and try sleep.

    Hopefull, will speak soon.
  4. CardStalker

    CardStalker Member

    Tiny, gald to have you here. Sure you will find things that you want. Hope you enjoy being here. Best to you.
  5. Tiny_UK

    Tiny_UK New Member

    Hi, CardStalker

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I must say that everyone that has written to me has been very supportive and really made me feel at home. Thanks to all for that. I notice you are an engineer; I presume that is your occupation? Before my disability I was an officer in the Merchant Navy, and after leaving I was a truck driver all over Europe. I think you refer to the big rigs as 18 wheelers? Been very fortunate to enjoy immensly the jobs I have had. Now I really enjoy my model RailRoads. I hope to soon get web space from ISP and then I'll be able to post some pictures and a video or two.

    My one and only loco burnt 'died' on me last night, old age methinks.

    Still, worst things happens at sea, but never on my watch....sign1

    Hopefully, speak soon.

    Take care

  6. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    I suspect the railroad in "Amish" country was the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster, PA. Its east of Gettysburg by about an hours drive. I live about 1/2 hour west of Gettysburg myself.

    Welcome to the forum.:wave:
  7. Tiny_UK

    Tiny_UK New Member


    Yep, that's the one. Just found a 'photo of my daughter. The building behind her says Strasburg. Thanks for the memory jogging.

    Had a great time in the States; want to go back sometime, but we can all dream....

    Hopefully, speak soon, and thanks for the welcome.


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