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  1. ssebitro

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    J'm a new on this forum and i want to say hello . My name is Sebastian J'm from Poland , 25 years old . My favorite models are battleships , pre-dreadnought's. J know that my english is not very well so sorry for mistakes :D it will be better :lol: J send a fotos of my new model ;" Kniaz (prince ) Potemkin Tawritczeskij " 1904 Russian fleet. Kit ; Maly Moderarz no. 1-2 1984 . It's allmost end of buliding this ship.
  2. ssebitro

    ssebitro New Member

  3. jrts

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    Hi Sebastian

    Welcome to the group and have fun while your here.
    Don't worry about your English we all get by here, your English is better than my Polish for shure :lol:

    Fine looking model and we look forward to seeong more of your builds soon.


  4. barry

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    Hi Sebastian

    Your English is good nice to see you

  5. shoki2000

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    Another ship-building guy :D

    I nie przejmuj sie bledami, kazdy je robi :D :D :D

  6. ssebitro

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    Aircraft's sometimes too :D
  7. ssebitro

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    My "Stuka"
  8. Leif Oh

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    That is a beautiful aircraft, the litte white one reminiscent of a Tiger Moth fuselage. What is it, what's the scale, and is there a kit of it available?

    Leif Oh.
  9. ssebitro

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    This is a RWD-8 Polish plane from 1930. Plastic kit is in 1/48 scale , J search where You can buy it . You can also buy this kit and paper model in 1/33 scale ( old paper kit from 70-s or 80-s but not very good )on www.allegro.pl
  10. ssebitro

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    Plastic kit's on allegro -- Antyki i kolekcje -->Modelarstwo --> Lotnictwo

    Paper -- Antyki i Kolekcje --> Modelarstwo -->Modele kartonowe --> Lotnictwo
  11. ssebitro

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