Hello my name is Kurt and I am a paper addict...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kurt, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    I know i can quit any time I want to really... Anyway I just registered again here because I didn't realize you needed to post a bit before downloading files. I Just wanted to say I'm sorry for that truly an honest mistake I just couldn't think of much to say while lurking in the forums. So a fresh start with a correct introduction. I joined up for the papercraft models or card models as they are called here. have been doing them for about two years now after discovering Cannons papercraft page while working at a call center with a color laser printer :) I think I was single-handedly responsible for the representatives losing access to that printer after printing about 700 pages of patterns. I have learned a lot since then I think most important is the weight of the paper really does matter. I have some models that are on regular printer paper that would have turned out much better on a thicker paper.

    I also have a few non paper projects going right now (look on you tube for hank drum) so I enjoy working with my hands on all kinds of things.

    I really hope this second try works out better and thank you for a great resource on the net for papercraft.
  2. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Hi Kurt, and a slightly embarrassed Welcome! Not sure what happened out there. What type of paper (card) models interest you? Do you have pictures of the models you've built (paper or otherwise) that you'd be willing to post? We really enjoy seeing what each other have done. There is a tremendous amount of information here, archived and otherwise. Browse around and jump in. As far as being a paper model addict goes - I am too. So say we all.
  3. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    My most recent builds were a Companion Cube from Portal and the Nippon Maru off of the Cannon site that I had printed before I left my old job. I will see if I can get pictures of my other models tonight for posting tomorrow until then here are these two. I'm usually interested in the sci-fi models the higher detail the better :thumb: I like to test my abilities to the max. I will also jump on any other interesting models. I have done two of the airbus models off the Cannon site as well as several animals. so pretty much anything really lol

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  4. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    That's the way to make an entrance! Nippon Maru and the Companion Cube both look neat and clean. Nice folds on the Cube too. Looking forward to more of your work. Have you seen the Battlestar Galactica, Rodger Young and the Sulaco threads?
  5. Padre

    Padre Member

    Beautiful ship, Canon does good models and you do good work.

  6. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    -Elliott Thanks I would like to do the Maru over in card stock and I definitely love my companion cube, It hasn't threatened to stab me or anything! I have copies of the Galactica and the Sulaco downloaded from before, I just need to get the money to print them (will work for printer access!)

    -Padre Thank you too I appreciate the comments from fellow modelers. :mrgreen:
  7. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    And as promised here are the other models I have they have made a couple moves and are a little worse for wear.

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  8. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Very nicely done! Welcome to the non-lurking side. You don't need to say much if you post pictures like those.

  9. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks I recently downloaded some 3-D modeling programs and hopefully I can learn to start designing some models while I wait till I can afford to have my next project printed.
  10. Nath Smith

    Nath Smith New Member

    nice to meet you Kirt:wave:

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