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  1. dr_hemlock2

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    I am trying to find out if a paper card kit has been developed or someone is developing a kit of the gearing class destroyers, or something close to it maybe a fletcher class. i have most of the pictures and plans for this type of ship and wish to model the "[FONT=&quot]USS Meredith (DD-890)"[/FONT] in her '60 to 65' configuration since my father served on her at this time i would like to give this as a gift for him to remember these days.
    any help would be great.
  2. Teamski

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    Well, there is the 1:200 USS Leutze, a Fletcher class destroyer....

    Paper Model Store

  3. jkrenzer

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    I can't remember ever seeing a Gearing class DD, especially in mid 60's fit. The Fletcher frame may require too much mod to be worth using.

    M o d e l W a r s h i p s . c o m - L i n k s - s e c t i o n

    Linked is a photo DD-884 in 1971, she has been extensively modified since her 1945 launch.

    M o d e l W a r s h i p s . c o m - L i n k s - s e c t i o n

    Also see USS Perkins. mid 60's

    M o d e l W a r s h i p s . c o m - L i n k s - s e c t i o n

    as launched

    M o d e l W a r s h i p s . c o m - L i n k s - s e c t i o n
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    Sorry my links did not work.

    Go to modelwarships.com links section the click naval historical center, down below is "SHIPS -- U.S. NAVY:"
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    Hi I probably have plans of USS Meredith and I think you were trying to contact me for this free kits location - not pirated:
    I've had some difficulties posting on Zealot previously.
    got to fly - see ya


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