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  1. :confused: hello, i have a small problem. on my layout i have had to create most of my industries from cereal board and styrene stock, due to the fact they are odd shaped and im on a very tight budget. now that i have the buildings cut out and placed, im ready to cover their exterior with something that looks like metal or corrugated sideing. does anyone know of anything that might work for this? i know i can buy styrene sheets for this, but as i mentioned, im really on a tight budget, honestly at this point in my life i just cant afford the styrene. so anyway, im hopeing that someone out there might know of an alternate solution to my broblem. thanks for your time
  2. ezdays

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    The first thing that comes to mind it get some aluminum foil. There are a few threads around that discuss various ways of treating foil to look like corrugated metal either for siding or roofing. If I can find them I'll put a few links here for you.
  3. Ralph

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    For siding my steel mill I used corrugated craft paper that I bought at Michaels (an art, crafts supply store). A package of several sheets with fine corrugations costs only a few bucks. You'll need to paint them (I used spray paint) as they come in colors that might not always be suitable for modeling.
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    You might also try laying tinfoil out flat and pulling a comb across it to make the corrogations.
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    Hey trainsteve, PM me your address and I'll send you a few packs of corrugated styrene. I got a whole box of sheet styrene at a clearance sale for practically free.

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