Hello, guys. Another achievement by Ojimak!

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by benhpark, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Hello:wave:, Ojimak have done a fantastic job again with the F-35!

    I was the person who brought up the idea, and then Ojimak started to design the model.

    He first made his experimental model. He is now going to send me the prototype, and I'll have to edit his model. :mrgreen: (Getting Excited!!) He did not release it yet, but the pictures of his progress can be found in ã‹ã¿ã²ã“ã†ãã€ã¨ã°ã

    Another model of F-35 can be found in this link MAME CRAFT - PAPER CRAFT

    Anyway, that's all.
  2. dovbear88

    dovbear88 New Member

    Thank You!
  3. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Everyone is welcome to download files as long as they are aware of copyright issues. You may not redistribute this model. However, you could spread the news about this cool link!! Ok. That's all folks

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