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    Hi everyone, Bryan here, calling from Vicenza Italy. I am an American living in Italy for the last 24 years and enjoying it. After having gotten in papercraft because of some friends with a real love for all things Star Trek, I have been slowly building up my skill level. Have even worked on Halo armor and fiberglassing and the last couple of models I made were Mass Effect 2 characters for my 12 yr old son.

    Nice finding a site the not only caters to papercraft but has a growing and obviously very active community. Cant wait to get to work on some of the more interesting models and soon hope to post come pictures of models already done.
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    Welcome aboard Bien venuto al Foro, amici. I had the pleasure of being stationed at Caserma Carlo Ederle back in 1971. Back then the government was socialist and they were the friendliest socialist I ever had the pleasure of associating with. The Carabinieri were the most professional policia and soldati that I had encountered in Europe at the time. Good memories of those days. Oh BTW, how about showing us some of your works as soon as you feel comfortable. Once you start building some of the freebies here or at other sites, and you run into any build problems, do not hesitate to post you query or a photo of the parts in question. (Now that is what you can call a run-on sentence!) Someone here probably built that model and can pass on the trick or ticks on how to get it done. Enjoy and see you around the forums.
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    :welcome1: to the forum. I started writing this two hrs. ago and lost my internet connection!

    I too have a 12 year old son, going on 30 it seems. We look forward to seeing your work. Please, post some pics and show us what you've been up to, we would love to see your work! Welcome aboard! :)
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    This is my last model which was long but really rewarding.

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