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  1. Tirick

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    I am not great at intro thread, but I will try... I have been a hobbyist for over 20 years, starting in my early teens with simple styrene kits and gradually broadening my interests. My wife often complains that I collect hobbies, which is mostly true, although I will state my interests mostly revolve around either gaming or modeling.

    I collect miniatures for wargaming, although mostly they collect dust as children and responsibilities have consumed much of my time of late. I also use them for RPG combat. I enjoy painting more than collecting I imagine, although the time to buy a miniature is vastly disproportionate to the time to paint a miniature, so I have a collection of basecoated miniatures for the most part.

    I also enjoy modeling, either custom models, of which I have a few, or kits, many of which are Star Wars related, although I am quite keen on the 1:48 Tamiya tank line. I'm not the greatest modeler, but I do try to make my own personal mark on the models I build.

    Lastly I design and build paper models. I've built no professional kits as of yet, mostly what I can find on the net for free, but I have designed a half-dozen or so (all 1:50 Star Wars), and am in the process of realizing a good dozen ideas (focusing is not one of my strengths).

    I stumbled across this site looking for a particular model (1:48 Moldy Crow) as a build was being showcased on another site and I was trying to locate a copy. My primary modelling site, swminiatures.com, has essentially become defunct, and since its loss I've been on a hiatus, only just now coming back into the swing of things with regards to paper modeling.

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    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing your work (and picking your brain).

  4. Tirick

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    Thank you! This site looks to have some excellent resources and very good modelers!
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