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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by hawk4402, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. hawk4402

    hawk4402 New Member

    Hey All,

    Thought I'd drop a hello to y'all.
    My modelling history is mostly of automotive in plastic kits but I've recently discovered papermodeling and now hooked.

    I have already a few paper projects on the go, the main ones are the "Cars" BETA folds. Like others, my boys are extremely interested in the movie and now they see me building Mack and his trailer..they get all excited.

    I have a few other projects on the shelf to build when I get the time, a couple are Trek, a Sovereign Class and a Norway starship. Looking of getting into the Auto Sports, the LOTR buildings if I can find any.

    Anyways, its good to be here.

  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    Glad to have another motorhead on the boards

    as they say, Keep the Shiny Side up, and the Greasy Side down.

  3. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    Welcome, Ian! As I a newbie here, I have really enjoyed this forum and many of the helpful hints and support. Sorry to say it's about 75 degrees here in Florida!
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Welcome to the fold Ian. If anyone can point you in the direction of some good auto sport models - Ricks yer man! Give a shout if you have any questions.
  5. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Welcome Ian! If you like cars, there are tons of freebies out there. All the way from simple stuff up to the very realistic Epson F1 racer and hauler. There's also a nice free Jaguar on the Canon site. I'm sure you won't find a shortage of recommendations or of stuff to do!

  6. Bluenoser

    Bluenoser Member

    Hi Ian. Welcome aboard. This is a great forum (as you may have already noticed). Modelling in paper offers such a wider array of subjects that you won't find in any of the other mediums. Some of these models are so good you would never say it was made from paper.
  7. hawk4402

    hawk4402 New Member

    Thanks all for the Welcome.

    I have to agree with you that Paper Modelling is a broader medium. With some of the posts that I've looked at..you can't complain that this is a mainstream hobby.

    Keep yer stick on the Ice.

  8. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Welcome aboard, Ian.

    Hope to see you around the forum now.
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