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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by josve, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Hi all!
    I have been a member of this forum since october 2005....and I still havent intoduced myselves.
    My name is Johnny Svensson, 43 years old, married 3 kids.
    I started with modelbuilding after seeing an ad on Avsim for a free cub at FiddlersGreen, and as an avid flightsimmer I had to check it out.I liked building that small plane and started to searc the net for more....and oh boy was I surprised! it was a new world out there :)
    And thats basicly it....I got hooked :) and started to buy models from Modelik and GPM.
    I also do a lot of fishing for trout/salmon in the warm seasons and are also a flytyer, so I'm used to small parts :)
    This is a great hobby, and a great community with no bashing or dirt throwing as it is on several flightsim forums.
    I have learned a lot from all the talented guys around on this forums, reading the construction reports, picking up tips and trics, what tools to use, paper to use, how to do this and that, and I'm very grateful for al this help and info.
    So enough smalltalk! On to the modelling again :)
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