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    Hi I am new here and fairly new to model railroading. I model in HO and am modelling a small industrial railroad in Winnipeg. It is called the GWWD(Greater Winnipeg Water District) railway.It is a 100 mile point to point railroad that was built in the early1900s to service the aquaduct that supplies water to Winnipeg. I chose this railway mostly because I haven't heard of anyone else modelling it and because of the equipment they run on thier line.2 MLW RS23 and a MLW S13 plus a 1922 Service Car(later to becom Brill). They also have lots of ancient rolling stock. I don't have a layout yet but have been working on structures and have started building the locos. I am using Alco S3s as they are the closest thing I can find to the MLWs. Hope to learn alot here and make some new friends. Ron.
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    Welcome Ron:wave:. You picked the right forum to learn and make friends. Everybody is real friendly and helpful.
    Your prototype sounds interesting. How was was the railroad used in servicing the aqua duct?

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    The railroads construction began on March 18, 1914 and was completed on December 10, 1914. After the completion the railway was used to haul equipment, workers and materials to the construction site at Indian Bay, the far end of the line.Later the railroad provided passenger and freight service to the few small communities along it's right of way.Passenger service is now discontinued. The railroad now huals mostly gravel for a few cement plants and service equipment for the aquaduct.The only way to get to the intake for the aquaduct at Indian Bay is by this train.It runs very seldom now, perhaps once to twice a month but maintains some really old rarely seen equipment. The locos are probably the only ones left in regular service being built in 1959 and 1960. Ron
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    Sounds like a good prototype to model. Have you started on a track plan yet?

  5. myltlpny

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    Welcome to the Forum. That sounds like a very interesting prototype you've chosen to model.:thumb:
  6. Ralph

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    Ron, welcome! That IS an unique railroad. I'm looking forward to hearing more and hopefully seeing some pics? :)
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    Welcome Ron: You picked a one-of-a-kind to model. Sounds really interesting. I'll be interested to see some photos.
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    Hi Ron. We were just out in Winnipeg last month and my wife bought me the book The Muskeg Limited, about the GWWD Rly. We were at the museum in the station and she and her friend persuaded them to open the gift shop; she bought the book and had it signed by the author (who sold it to her!).
  9. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE HERE!!!!!!!!sign1

    Well it is nice to see I'm not the only one from these parts on here.:wave:

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hey trainsWinnipeg.Nice to see someone from my neck of the woods. Which railroad are you modeling. Are you in any of the local model clubs. Here is a couple of pics (I hope)of some of the stuff I will be modelling.60103 Hope you had a good time in Winnipeg.Nice to see you got to meet Peter Lacey. I have been trying to track him down to see if he has any pictures of the end of the line for the GWWD. Really hard to find any photos so I know what I am modelling .First pic is Gwwd 200 an MLW RS23 locomotive now in use. 2nd pic is the 1922 Service car which is still in use also.

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    Hi Ron, nice to see such a unique railway being modeled. The closest I've ever come to the GWWD (that I know about) is the railway crossing of the TransCanada in east Manitoba.

    There is a handful of RS23's operating on the Ontario Southland ex-CP line less than 5 minutes from my work here.
  12. rlundy90

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    Hi Chad. Ontario Southland also purchased a few GE 44 Tonners from GWWD. I don't know if those are still in sevice though. Do you know how many RS23s they have?Ron.
  13. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Nice looking locomotive! I like the GWWD paint scheme.
  14. rlundy90

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    This one is my favorite. #201 an MLW S13 fresh out of the paint shop. I am building this one right now out of a Proto 2000 S3. Ron

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  15. Floyd

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    Welcome to the group. Great folks here.
  16. galt904

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    Ron, it appears that OSR sold the 44 tonners to the grain elevator they were used at, not long after they bought them.

    There are at least 3 RS23s, and they do get used regularly.

    Old Time Trains for more OSR info.
  17. rlundy90

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    I think they were leased to the Thompson Seed Co. in Blenheim, Ont. I have some pics of them at their terminal. Ron

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