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    Hello everybody

    My name is Marc, i am 32 years old, from Luxembourg (small country in Europe). I do work for my local airline here, since over 12 years now, as a flight attendant. In my spare time, I am a volonteer helper with the Air Rescue Department over here (Rescue helicopters), before that, i was(still am, but not active anymore) an EMT-B with the ambulance and rescue department.

    since i was a little kid, i am building models, mostly plastic kits, but also, several years ago, i started building paper kits, then made a break with building, only continued collecting kits for some years, and now restarted again...

    my main interest are Airliners and space ships (early spaceflight, mercury, gemini, etc...)

    hopefully i will learn a lot over here, as i still have not really the best hand for paper models ;)

    thanks for helping me out with all my questions...

    take care

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    Welcome aboard. You will enjoy your stay here and will enjoy yourself immensely. Check out the links andhttp://www.ss42.com/, on the left column, click on paper toys and it will send you to a good selections of sites for more free stuff. find what you like and when you feel comfortable, post some pics of your works. Enjoy and see you around the forums

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