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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by SgtSki in MI, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    Hi all,
    SgtSki here. I just joined zealot today. I am from West Michigan but I am currently deployed to Iraq and am in Baghdad.
    I usually build 1:48 WW2 & pre-war aircraft but also delve into 1:35 Armor and the occasional 1:24 Car.
    I belong to the Baghdad Hobby Club here on my base and we meet each Wednesday evening to build kits that were generously donated by hobby shops and IPMS chapters.
    Something new that I've gotten into over here is card modeling and have just completed my first one, a P-51D Mustang in roughly 1:50 scale that I downloaded.
    Anyway, that's my intro and hope to visit Zealot regularly.

  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Welcome to the forums! Glad to hear from you :D If you guys ever run out of kits drop a line here and I bet a few make their way to ya :)
  3. So glad to have you SgtSki. Card modelling seems to be pretty infectious, so I'm sure some of the other guys in your Wednesday night group will take notice and be tempted to try it out. Hope to see some photos of your completed kits. Keep you head down.
  4. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    Thanks all!

    The hobby club I'm with generally builds plastic and we get LOTS of kits every week which we send out to outlying bases.

    I started building card models in my room after work. There are quite few that I have found online. The only problem is that a lot of sites are blocked by the Internet Police on my work computer. The block won't let me download any zipped files either, so there's a lot of cool stuff that I can't get at here, but I have the sites bookmarked for when I go home. I have lots of storage space though, so if anyone wants to send me files by email please feel free with my thanks. my email is:


    I have good access to glue, blades, and cardstock and our printer at work is a nice commercial color LaserJet.
    Right now I'm messing with a 1:700 HMS Dreadnought that I downloaded from Digital Navy, but I'm having a heck of a time with it (tiny!). I'm probably going to put that on the back burner and do a Fokker E-III or a Polikarpov I-16, both of which are 1:33 scale.

    Thanks for the welcome everyone!!!
  5. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    Hey Thanks CJTK

    I can receive attachments on my end. I haven't tried receiving zipped files yet, but receive normal files just fine. I was just sent a model a bit ago and it came through.

    I mainly built WW2 aircraft (mostly Luftwaffe, Japanese, and USN/USMC planes) and some WW1 and between-war stuff. I also have been tinkering with ships a little bit and they seem to be OK. I'm doing the HMS Dreadnought right now, but it's TINY! (1:700 scale) and kind of giving me fits. I also have ALL of the bikes downloaded from Yamaha papercraft to try out too.

    my email is in a previous post but I can give it again:

    Anything that you feel like sending will be welcome. A few other soldiers I know are starting to get into card modeling, so... "We will build it, if it comes" (to totally mess up a line from "Field of Dreams"!)

  6. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    I have been there, not in Baghdad, but I served in Mosul for a year. I too had access to our computer, and printer. My wife sent me cardstock, and I built quite a few cardmodels while I was there, including several airplanes.
    If there is any thing you need, let me know. If you send me a private message with you address there, I can try to ship you things you might want.
    I can also print out any models you want, and send them to you, so you won't have to try downloading them if that becomes a problem.

    Best wishes, and many prayers for you and your family in the New Year.
  7. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Welcome SgtSki. Hope all is well. If you need help finding anything we are but a private message away.

    Stay safe,

  8. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    Sgt Ski,
    I have some printed models I can send you and would be happy to forward any downloaded kits. Send me an e-mail at sakrison@charter.net, with your snail-mail address, and I'll send some paper models for the club.

    Go with God, and remember, incoming fire has the right of way.
    Thank you for your service!:patriot1:

  9. Loco-S

    Loco-S New Member

    Greetings from Denver, Keep your helmet on and please come back with no purple heart!, I have a buddy over there in Ramadi, Ill see if I can send you some of the stuff I have on my computer ( no, no scantily clad ladies)..he he, what kind of stuff you like?, I mean, ww2 aircraft?, tanks? I can decompress them and e. mail them to ya.
  10. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    Thanks again everybody! I've gotten a few files in my email already and have saved them. As soon as I build what I've printed so far, They'll be in the the next "build batch" to be printed. Those of you who have asked for my snail-mail address have been given it by email or PM.

    Loco-S: I mainly build WW1, pre-WW2, and WW2 aircraft....but I'll do just about anything, so whatever you want to fire off is cool with me. Someone will build it since I'm slowly getting a few other guys from the club interested in doing card models.

    I'll post a pic of my feeble first build (P-51D "Old Crow") as soon as I bring my camera to work to upload the pics.

  11. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Welcome - and thanks for serving ;)

    Sounds like you have similar interests in models as I do. If you feel like getting into 1/33 stuff, there's a very nicely detailed Yokosuka D4Y2 Suisei (Judy) at Fanatyk Kartonu - Modele FK - rar format, not sure if that works for you or not (almost to the bottom of the page). There's also a free GeeBee racer at GreMir Models - fun little kit.
  12. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Find a freebie Il-10 in your inbox ^^
  13. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    I'm sure that there's some Trekkies around here. I'll have to ask. Myself, I'm not big into Star Trek, but I'm definitely a Star Wars fan. I have a Star Wars folder of model files. I think in there is an X-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, AT-AT, and AT-ST. I have no idea when I'll get to those. I like the original Battlestar Galactica series too. and then of course there's the Mechwarrior 'Mechs. Whatever shows up will be made available to the guys at the Hobby Club.

    I still build plastic once a week, but I've been working on card models every night in my living area. It doesn't take up much room or require a lot of special supplies, and is a heck of a lot less expensive. Plus if you screw something up you can just print it out again if your working on a kit that was downloaded. I can easily see this displacing plastic modeling as my favorite medium to work in.

    I generally build kits at home during the wintertime (when I'm not busy snowmobiling or ice fishing!), During the Spring, Summer, and Fall my "me-time" is usually occupied by my REALLY big passion: Metal Detcting for old coins / relics. I've been metal detecting since 1982.

  14. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    I can't read .rar files on my official goverment computer because the server won't let me download and install software (pepekura). The server also won't let me download .zip files but I think I can receive them in email. I don't have a personal computer over here this trip. Last time I was here I wrecked a laptop, so decided not to bring one this time! I'm going home on 10JAN on leave for 2 weeks and I plan on loading up a couple thumb drives with stuff I can get at home that I can't access here. I wouldn't mind doing a Judy though so I'll try to get that one while I'm home.

  15. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    OK the .zip files by email question has been answered

    I was just sent a .zip file in my email. The sever will NOT allow .zip files by email. It quarantines them. The other file that Lex sent was a 4.3 Meg .pdf and that came through just fine.....thanks Lex!!!!

    So that's what I just found out...I cannot receive .zip files by email on the official government server (but it was nice to find that out!)

    The biggest model file so far that has been sent to me by email has been a 9.2 MB .pdf file, so it looks like I can get some decent size files.

  16. Loco-S

    Loco-S New Member

    Cookies?...my wife makes a mean chocolate chip cookie stuff ( with real chocolate...not that hershey stuff they sell here) let me know...

    PS, do Fedex serve your area?...I can send some stuff over there as long is not a FPO or APO ( I have some friends at Fedex ..worked five years as a pickup driver here)
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