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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by shawn32671, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Hello from corn and soybean country, north Iowa...Charles City to be precise, I'm a dude of 41 years young, have been building models of all sorts since as long as I can remember..my first paper/card model was a P-51 mustang Id bought in a book form from a hobby store probably 18 years ago and have built several other aircraft since and a few cars.....It's been many years since Ive built anything from card/paper but am getting back into it...currently building a fairly simple Willys MB 1941 Jeep downloaded from a geocities site last year or so. Anyway, seems to be a decent bunch of people here and hope to learn some more while Im here. Kudos

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    Shawn, Thank You for posting an Intro. if you are looking for anything specific (other than what we talked about) I think we can probably hook you up. I am not sure what you are into, but I have links to a lot of models. if you could list some genres, I'll post you some links! :)
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    Zathros put forth "if you could list some genres, I'll post you some links!" Lets see...I'm "into" lots of topics, automotive..mostly vintage/pre 60's cars...world war 1 and 2 aircraft and world war 1 vehicles and figures possibly?? soldier figures would rock!! I like ultra-light type aircraft, you know, strap a 450 cyuna engine from a snowmobile to an airframe with and "attempt" to safely go aloft and land (safely?)...super hero type stuff, sci-fi like star wars...so yeah, like I said my interests vary....I have some stuff somewhere I think that I could make available for uploading too for other members...gotta be around here on backl-up discs somewhere, nothing copyrighted or illegal of course.
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    Hi Shawn32671 welcome here :wave:
    if u can put a pic of your models :D

    nice links zathros :D

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