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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by rabble, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Hi everyone!

    I came across this forum while researching another topic, and I must say that I'm quite impressed by some of the projects being built. It's been awhile since I've been able to devote any time to building, but I may be inspired by what I see here.

    A little history: I built quite a few scratch-built paper models when I was but a wee lad. I remember how in fifth grade, I found a a broken U.S.S. Enterprise nacelle piece (from the plastic AMT kit) by some railroad tracks. Using the nacelle and a 3-view drawing of the Enterprise on the side of the Klingon Battle Cruiser model box, I scratchbuilt a complete Enterprise out of nothing more than 6 x 4 index cards. I took it to a show-and-tell, and my teacher somehow got it hung in the local art museum for a few weeks. I don't know what ever happened to it. it was possibly set on fire and thrown around the back yard (I was 10 years old).

    A couple of years later, I scratch-built a 1/32 Skylab out of cards, cardboard, and other assorted pieces (with a full interior and working lights!). It matched the scale of the 1/32 Apollo CSM model. I have no idea what became of that -- it was huge.

    Again, amazing work I've seen here!

    - Randy
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