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    Dear fellows hi.I am a relative new to this hobby.Although i built my first paper model about 2 years ago only for the last 2 months i have jumped deeply into this.My main interests are military vehicles in 1/76,Star trek ships,airplanes in 1/72 and racing cars (24 hrs of leman and f1) in 1/43.For the latest any links will be highly appriciated!!!!Here are some photos of my builts

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  2. Glowyrm

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    Right on!!
  3. Zathros

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    Nice work Lazgeorg, :welcome1: to the forum! Happy to have you aboard! Great way to join a forum too, with pictures. :)

    LAZGEORG New Member

    Thank you Zathros!!Nice to be here.And about the pictures,they will be keep coming!!!!!
  5. Zathros

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    Great! A picture speaks a thousand words! :)

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