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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Michiru-Kaiou, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Michiru-Kaiou

    Michiru-Kaiou Member


    my (nick)name is Michiru and I am a (nearly) 20 years-old woman from Germany. I am a spaceflight-enthusiast and my start with paper models was the day the STS-114 had a successful touchdown, it was also the start for my spaceflight-enthusiasm. Originally I just wanted to have a model of Space Shuttle Discovery and looked for finished models on the Internet, but only found US-pages offering some, and they were too much for my budget, somehow I came across a .gif-paper-model of Discovery, very easy and Fiddler's Green's Discovery. Since I lacked proper glue I glued the .gif-model together with adhesive tape (looked bad) and decided to go to the nearest shop to get some real glue to assemble the FG-model and one day later I had my finished Discovery. Building the shuttle was fun, so I searched for more paper models and with my increasing interest of spaceflight most of my models are space-related. Today I came across this forum and found the Buran, one of my biggest dreams since the beginning of the hobby, so I decided to join here and say hello and thank you to the artist, who redid the FG/Delta7-shuttle!

    best wishes Michiru
  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

  3. Michiru-Kaiou

    Michiru-Kaiou Member

    Yes, I already saw that site, I already build the Soyuz capsule (as my third model, I don't know what drove me, it's pretty complicated, but it also helped me to not get frightened of any highly detailed models now).
    But thanks all the same!
    And thank you for your welcome! :)

    best wishes Michiru
  4. shay.c4

    shay.c4 New Member

    Hello and welcome
    I have a few models of the discovery and the Colombia (same design different name on the wing) made by the IAF. I will post them on EBbay and let you know.
    Best regards
  5. Hello all,

    in addition to the posted links I would like to inform you
    that we're in the middle of the designing process for
    a Saturn V/Apollo 11 ensemble in 1/96 scale.

    First item which presently is materializing, is the »crawler« . . .
    please find more informationm here: http://www.mtp-studio.de/forum/thread.php?threadid=560

    ... and don't get annoyed finding this in german language.
    Anything which is of interest can be translated on request.

    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner

    P.S.: I'm looking forward to meet you in Herndon early November . . .
  6. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Guten Tag Michiru!
    Good to have you here. You will find many good , freindly people here who are willing to help with any advice you may be seeking.
    I am sure you will find many new ideas here and make many new freinds at the same time. Enjoy!:grin:
  7. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Welcome to our insanity. Enjoy your time here.
  8. Michiru-Kaiou

    Michiru-Kaiou Member

    Once again: thank you for your warm welcome!

    @ shay.c4: Your (future) offerings of Discovery and Columbia seem promising, I'll definitely appreciate the notice and I'll take a close look on the models!

    @ Thomas: Your start with the Apollo-project looks pretty good. I am looking forward to see more. (I am not annoyed by German language, far from...)

    @ Amazyah: "Guten Tag!" back! Thanks also for your welcome!

    @ Darwin: Insanity? Sounds like the stuff that runs in my family.

    best wishes Michiru
  9. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Hello Michiru,
    Here is a site that I enjoy a lot because each of the model downloads has links to pages where you can read up on the history surrounding the model.

    This following site has many high quality space related models, including the space shuttle in different size builds. The caretaker is also a member here.

    I am sure just these two alone will give you plenty to test your creativity and keep you busy for a while!
    Best regards,
  10. Michiru-Kaiou

    Michiru-Kaiou Member

    @ Amazyah: Thanks, but I already knew the sites, they are incredible! My current project is the Saturn V with LUT tower. And I was happy when I found the ET with SRBs for the Delta7/FG-shuttle! (since you are here, caretaker, if you read this: Thank you a thousand times for those awesome models!)
    Another favourite page is this one. I am waiting eagerly for the MSG-1.
    Ninfinger's list is priceless.

    best wishes Michiru
  11. cbg

    cbg Member

    Willkomen zum Forum! Where in Germany do you live?

    I'm not the biggest space enthusiast, but if you are also a member of kartonbau.de forum, there are several nice threads to take a look at.

    Here's another link as well with an Ariane 3. niels paper models

    See you 'round. TschuB,
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