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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by rkbush27, Jul 13, 2012.

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    I discovered the forum by accident. For years I've gone from 1/35 scale and larger static models to r/c planes (which wound up nose first most of the time in 6 inches of hard packed dirt), to r/c cars (I've got one that will top off at between 75 and 100 mph without breaking a sweat), and back to plastics. I work at building WWII subjects, and have recently discovered Wingnut Wings (bankrolled by Peter Jackson of "Lord of the Rings" and "the Hobbit" fame) and have purchased some WWI kits from them. They're out of New Zealand.

    As I was surfing I discovered these awesome looking models and then realized that they were paper! I got to thinking that since my wife's snarling again at $90 for a 1/12 Formula 1 kit I just purchased, maybe this could be something we could do together. She likes working with paper, does origami, rubber stamping, and all sorts of crafts.

    I would love to hear any suggestions (other than sell the wife and buy more kits. That was a suggestion on another forum, along with "buy all you want and send them to me") as to how to get started. What tools you might suggest, and sites with downloads we can cut our teeth on!

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    Go on YouTube and you will see Tons of R/C planes. :welcome1: to the forum by the way. You can put a paper body on an chassis, and with some balsa reinforcement, you could make it light and strong.

    Just for the record, absolutely no links to commercial sites allowed here, none, not for any reason. You can post what you have, brand name, etc, just no links to where you got it from. Posting dimensions of the chassis may get others interested in helping you make or find bodies that may work without too much alteration.

    Welcome aboard! :)
  3. rkbush27

    rkbush27 New Member

    Thanks! I'm staying away from balsa these days. My wife hates the basla dust all over the house, plus I have a tendency to embed hobby knives in my thigh. Anything besides scissors, glue and a straight edge to get started?
  4. rkbush27

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    Never mind. I just found the tab to go to the card section! What a little bit of online surfing can lead to.

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