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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by lrm1960, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. lrm1960

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    Newbie here. Been building paper models since about August 2010, but I have been an avid plastic modeler since the age of ten (50 now). I've got countless plastic models that probably will never be built now that I have discovered paper modeling. Plastic was just getting too expensive! Its great not having to paint. I've built a number of paper models thus far, and will post pics of my builds as time goes on.

  2. aligator2794

    aligator2794 New Member

    When you say pl;astic modeller do you mean you make things out of plastic, or use kits to make them?
  3. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member


    When I say I have been an avid plastic builder for years, it means mostly building from plastic kits but I have done my fair share of scratchbuilding from plastic, mostly to modify or upgrade an existing kit or make a master for casting from resin.

    Like I said in my introductory post, I have slowly moved away from plastic because of the cost, paper modeling is an inexpensive hobby, and no painting.

  4. Lotsip

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    Just read your page, didn't see any pics yet, i was wondering what models are you making now. I myself have made plastic kits all my life, (now 43) for me it's not just the price, it's more the fact that i can build a plastic kit in an afternoon there just to easy and no challenge. Paper modeling i'm lucky if i can design, make and write up one model a month.
  5. Zathros

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    Welcome to the forum. The world of paper modeling offers the opportunity to design your own model, cover subjects that have not been covered. You can also make your own interpretation of subjects, improving or making something completely new. Or, just build some of the 1000's of free ones out there! It's all good!
  6. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member


    Its just the opposite for me. It used to take me forever to build a plastic model because I felt I needed to detail paint every single little part. Now I can build a one or two page paper model in a couple evenings work.

    I have posted pictures of a few of my paper model builds. I did a search by my user name, but it didn't come up with anything. There are pictures of my 1:1 Kriss Suoer V posted in the armory section, 1:100 DFW CV posted in the aviation section and my 1:24 March 761 Formula One posted in the commercial vehicle section.

    I am currently building the Unicorn Gundam from Paper Replika, but haven't posted any pictures yet.
  7. Lotsip

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    That small plane is great.
    Looks like you like the detailed build too.
    I have been talking all day to guy in america about my designs, he gave a few pointers and so today i re done my Sherman tank, added a lot more detail to the paint work on the colour version. .http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.106951106061393.14037.100002395132585&l=e93318f804

    This link is for my facebook photo album i put my pics there.
    Tis the last 3 photos, you can see from the first 3 that i wasn't adding camouflage, but i am now.
    I normally paint my models but all though i'm an artist i really stuggle with the camouflage and it's really hard to get any ref pictures to get it right.
  8. lrm1960

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    Your Sherman looks good! I don't design my own paper models, just build what I can download. I wouldn't know how to even get started designing my own. I've looked at the forums, and some of the software that other designers use, but it looks very confusing. I do work with a CAD software all day, but it is only 2D. I have used a solid modeling software long ago, but don't have access to it anymore. I have no idea how to unfold, color and texture, so for now I will just build other peoples designs.

  9. Lotsip

    Lotsip New Member

    You know i have tried many cad programs but have not found one that i am happy using, I use openoffice.org Free to download. What i like in that is that you can draw two shapes or more and merge them into one,

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