Hello form Colorado!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ViperPilot, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member


    My name's Alan, and I was pointed here from the folks @ PaperModeler.com. Looking forward to getting onto Card Modeling; my Interests are mainly Space, Trek/Wars, and Buildings... but if it looks interesting, I'll give it a go!


    Alan :)
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  2. sgoti

    sgoti Member

    Hey, Alan!

    Plenty of good folk and excellent modeling here, hope something tickles your fancy.
  3. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Hi Alan,

    welcome to the forum! :)

    We are the nicest bunch of people you can imagine. Just make yourself comfortable and moreover -

    have fun and enjoy! :)

  4. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    Thanks for the warm Welcome, folks! I hope to learn a lot, and let my creativity flow!


    Alan :Grin:
  5. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Welcome to Zealot ViperPilot, we can always use another pilot! :)
  6. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    Thanks, zathros! Guess the handle fits; I'm also heavy into FlightSimming (MSFS)...

    One question... no reviving old Threads, correct? If I find an old Thread that interests me, should I start a new one for Replies?

    Many Thanks!

    Alan ;)
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  7. Jadriancz

    Jadriancz New Member

    Hello, I am also in colorado.. Welcome to the group.
  8. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    Awesome, jadriancz! Where at?

    Alan thumbsup
  9. Jadriancz

    Jadriancz New Member

    South of Colo Spgs.
  10. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    That's great, jadriancz! I'm in SE Denver, dealing with the lack of rain and the Rockies! LOL

    Alan :rolllaughing:
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  11. Gandolf50

    Gandolf50 Researcher of obscure between war vehicles... Moderator

    Howdy ViperPilot Welcome to Zealot!
    That's a Great combination of interest you have, that I can see leading to some really fun projects!
    Just need to find a project to get started with, if you have something in mind we would love to see a build thread in the appropriate area with pictures! If you don't visit all the popular sites like
    http://www.mypapercraft.net/ or http://papermau.blogspot.com/ and you are sure to find a good first project to get you started! As you have already heard, we here are always happy to help you with questions and how-tos. Enjoy! Hope to see some of your work!
  12. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    Thanks, Gandolf! I've got some ideas in my head, but first I need to learn the ropes. I'm practicing with scoring on a blank piece of Paper, and I'm also waiting on a steel straight edge to arrive tomorrow. I just have a wood ruler with a brass insert right now, so I'll feel much more confident when the steel straight edge arrives.

    Build thread? For sure, when I find an easy one! :cool:

    Alan :sticktongue:
  13. Enterpriser10

    Enterpriser10 Since the beginning. . .

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  14. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    Many Thanks for the Welcome! I'm really looking forward to delving into this wide ranging Hobby, and so far there's so much it has to offer!

    Hope to see you around the Forums!

    Alan :tank:


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  15. Enterpriser10

    Enterpriser10 Since the beginning. . .

    Yes, this is a universe to explore. Take your time and hands at the work!
  16. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Hello Alan

    Welcome to Zealot. You have come to the right place for all things SCI-FI. We have many members who are HUGE SCI-FI FANS (Myself included). So I hope that you will feel at home here.
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice. Please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).
    By all means posts photos of your work. We love seeing photo. Not only that, but I would like to suggest posting build threads. Build threads are a GREAT way of showing off your skills, as well as highlighting areas that you are having problems with and may need help with.
    Once again, welcome aboard. I hope that you enjoy yourself here. I look forward to seeing your work.
  17. ViperPilot

    ViperPilot New Member

    Thanks for the Welcome, Rhaven! It's a very personable and open Forum for sure!

    Looking forward to doing a Build thread in the near future; with the recent NASA Mars symposiums and the upcoming OSIRIS/REX Mission, maybe something along those lines. I also have an itch to try Paragon's rendering of the Chaffee from DS9... hmmm.

    Alan :Coffee:

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